About us

Meet The Team

Ciaran Brennan

Founder of Kyron

Ciaran has a BSc Management and Innovation and has over 25 years experience in Management of Operations, Maintenance, Construction Quality and Commissioning with large Multinational companies in Semi-Con, Data Centre, Pharmaceutical, Health Sector and Energy.

John Heffernan

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer with over 25 years experience in the construction industry worked with the largest M&C contractor in the country, developed the ISO9001 standard for that company and implemented it for their head, regional and site offices. John leads a team of high quality Electrical and Controls personnel.

Anthony Moore

Security Engineer

Electrical Life Safety and Security Engineer with over 20 years experience in the construction industry worked with the large M&C contractors as well as GC and Direct Client side experience. Anthony has vast experience across Semi Conductor, IT and Pharmaceutical industries and Leads our teams in QA, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Startup

Manel Da Silva

Design Engineering

Manel has over 30 years experience in design engineering, facilities operations, production improvement and product defect reduction, having worked in world-class HVM environments with the semiconductor, IT (Data-Centre), medical-devices, patent pharmaceuticals, F&B and automotive industries in China, Denmark, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the USA. From ’93 on, M da Silva fulfilled engineering management roles from leading small local teams through managing large, regionally dispersed teams.

Ronan Downey

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with 16 years experience developing and implementing quality management systems on large construction projects. Ronan has managed both on-site and offsite quality and have worked in quality consultant roles.
Ronan is a Lean specialist and has developed some very effective Lean software solutions.

Ray Kellet

QA Specialist

With over 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry both in Ireland, the U.S.A and Israel, and prior experience in aviation and defence industry. Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on Quality, Program Management, Project, and People Management. Since joining the Kyron Team Ray is working with M&E contractors in developing their processes and procedures towards a goal of Built In Quality.

Mission / Vision

To Drive and Deliver Integrated Project Management,
Quality and Commissioning in partnership with our clients