Quality (B.I.Q)

In today’s business environment, it is becoming increasingly important to continuously search for areas of improvement. Companies that stand still do not survive, non-more so than in the Construction Industry.

Commissioning Management

With Kyron commissioning management of new projects or upgrades, clients can be assured that when a building is handed over, all plant and services will operate to recognised industrial standards and to the client required operational criteria.

Project Management

Our team of highly experienced consultants can help guide, lead, and underpin high-visibility initiatives in support of your requirement to control and ensure successful delivery of your project.

Client Support

Kyron was established in 2010 and since then has been providing high-quality Project Management and specialist Construction Quality and Commissioning services to the Life Sciences, Microelectronics, Healthcare, Medical Technology, Food, Educational, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality / Leisure and Public sectors in Ireland.


Partnership with our clients is at the core of our approach and our highly skilled teams integrate seamlessly to understand our clients’ needs and to ensure we assist them in meeting their success criteria fully.

Training Quality

Organisations working in Integrated Project Delivery teams have a special responsibility to make sure that whatever is modeled or drawn can be constructed safely and efficiently by work crews in the field.