Built in Quality

In today’s business environment, it is becoming increasingly important to continuously search for
areas of improvement. Companies that stand still do not survive, non-more so than in the Construction Industry.

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Any contractor unsure of the value of quality, and the benefits of improving it, should remember past construction defect issues.

Significant time, resources and money are wasted because work was not done correctly and problems had to be fixed. A company’s brand along with new business development opportunities can potentially be impacted from poor project performance.

Lean Philosophy

Kyron has adopted the Lean philosophy in pursuit of continuous quality improvement, including the
elimination of waste and any non-value-added elements throughout the construction process.

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Lean project delivery is a culture and is a way of thinking that requires focusing on quality improvement through increased efficiency and productivity. Success ultimately resides in the people and the values of the organisation Superior quality assurance programs require thoughtful planning, the close cooperation of all stakeholders, attention to detail and constant accountability across the board.

Kyron will collaborate with you to develop a framework for the implementation of a ‘Built in Quality’ standard with
procedures and best practices that are independently applicable to any project and a practice that you can call your own.