As technology and standards progress, the pressure on hospitals to ensure that their buildings and systems perform at the highest levels is increasing the demand for commissioning services.

We work in close collaboration with the design team to meet the client’s performance expectations. We assist in establishing the owner’s goals early in the design process, documenting them clearly, and monitoring them throughout design and construction phases. Through strong communication, we support the design team in understanding the key issues, enabling decisions to be made in a timely fashion and coordinating the work so that it is effectively accomplished within the program budget.

Increasingly our healthcare clients are recognizing the benefits of commissioning as a key element in the successful performance of their facilities by ensuring a smooth construction process, reduced operational and maintenance costs, lower energy costs and an altogether better environment for patients and medical staff.

Our services include:

  • Construction Quality Management
  • New Building Commissioning
  • Existing Building Commissioning
  • Compliance Commissioning
  • Building Enclosure Commissioning
  • Energy / Utility Audits
  • Operational Support Services
  • Web-Based Facility Management