Hot list of cool chip fabs coming to the US

By Matt Hamblen

This expanding list of fabs coming to the US includes some gaining impetus from the $52 billion US CHIPS Act passed in August. However, available land, an educated workforce, local contributions of dollars and streamlined regs all figure in where fabs are going to be built. Some projects are firmer than others.

GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm:  An expanded GF footprint in upstate New York got a boost from Qualcomm to commit to buy $7 billion in chips through 2028 that are used in 5G, automotive, Wi-Fi and IoT.

Intel: $20 billion for two fabs in central Ohio, under construction in summer 2022, to make advanced logic chips. Intel broke ground in 2021 on two new fabs in Chandler, Arizona, a $20 billion investment. An advanced packaging facility is underway in New Mexico.

Micron:  A $15 billion fab for its Boise HQ to make memory chips. Active prospects for billions of dollars more in fabs, including near Austin, Texas.

Samsung: A $17 billion fab for Taylor, Texas, was announced in late 2021. The North Korean company laid out preliminary long-term plans in July for 11 fabs in Texas over coming years worth nearly $191 billion.

Texas Instruments: A potential $30 billion investment plan includes four fabs in Sherman, Texas. Ground was broken in May for new 300mm wafer fabs.

TSMC: Taiwan-based TSMC has multiple fabs, including one in Camas, Washington, with a $12 billion fab under construction in Phoenix to make chips on the 5nm process.

Wolfspeed: $5 billion for a silicon carbide wafer fab in central North Carolina

Worker at small parts manufacturing factory in China looking through magnifier at microchips

Holding Micro Chip
Holding Micro Chip