Our Team

A BSc Management and Innovation graduate with over 25 years experience in Management of Operations, Maintenance, Construction Quality and Commissioning with large Multinational companies in Data Centre, Semiconductors, Pharmaceutical, Health Sector and Energy.

Engineering graduate with extensive experience in project management, commissioning, construction, operations and maintenance in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and data-centre industries as well as retail/commercial and public sector facilities. Ger leads our team of high quality Mechanical / HVAC commissioning engineers.

A mechanical engineer graduate with 16 years experience developing and implementing quality management systems on large construction projects. Ronan has managed both on-site and offsite quality and has worked in quality consulting roles. Ronan is a Lean specialist and has developed some very effective Lean software solutions.

Electrical Engineer with over 25 years experience in construction and commissioning having worked with the largest M&C contractor in the country where he also deployed ISO9001 across the organisation. John leads our team of high quality Electrical and Controls commissioning engineers.

Electrical Life Safety and Security Engineer with over 20 years experience in the construction industry having worked with large M&C contractors, GCs and direct for the end-user clients. Anthony has vast experience across the Semiconductor, IT and Pharmaceutical industries. Anthony leads our team of LSS / Security commissioning engineers.

A master of engineering graduate with over 30 years experience in the management, design engineering, facilities operations, production improvement and product defect reduction in HVM environments in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, F&B and automotive industries and data-centres in EMEA, APAC and USA.