Kyron offers dynamic instructor-led courses, providing flexible educational options delivered virtually or on-site, either at designated customer locations, Kyron facilities, or other authorised training centres. We take pride in ensuring an intimate learning environment by limiting class sizes, thereby maximising valuable instructor-student interaction.


Our clients gain access to unparalleled expertise and real-world insights from our team of seasoned Engineers, who actively engage with customers across various industry verticals. By investing in our training services, you empower your employees to thrive, offering them robust and high-calibre technical training that not only advances their careers but also enhances their skill sets. This, in turn, fosters enthusiastic adoption of systems, processes, or technologies by your users.


Our workshops serve as a catalyst for defining and exploring diverse process solutions, concepts, and implementation practices vital for tackling contemporary business challenges. We meticulously assess your business objectives, establish baseline requirements, evaluate technology relevance (including tools, processes, and skill sets), and provide comprehensive cross-functional technology expertise to elevate the impact of your initiatives. At Kyron, we’re committed to equipping your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.