Training Quality

Introducing quality from the beginning

Methods of training quality

Creating the conditions for quality installation begins at the design phase
and continues right through the construction phase.

The result is that quality is built-in rather than waiting till construction complete and returning to correct substandard installations after defects have been found during inspections.

Organisations working in Integrated Project Delivery teams have a special responsibility to make sure that whatever is modeled or drawn can be constructed safely and efficiently by work crews in the field.

Built-In Quality

Ensuring that quality is built-in to create a productive and safe work environment.

Quality Guaranteed

One of the criteria for establishing the condition for Built-In Quality is that trade foremen are confident their crews can put the work in place properly, without defects of any sort.

Quality becomes the responsibility of every designer, project manager and trade worker, and not just QA/QC.

Commitment to Quality

Built in Quality is a commitment to quality, expressed in all parts of a company and typically involves many elements. Elements include extensive training for personnel, shifting the responsibility for detecting defects from quality control inspectors to workers and continually maintaining equipment.

Achieving quality requires constant learning for everyone in an organization, and that learning needs to be part of the organizational culture.

Structured Training Program

At Kyron we can help you transition through the culture change by providing a structured training program, which can be adapted based on your position on the Built-In-Quality journey, supplying not just the tools to help you and your staff but also the softer skills to enhance staff competencies towards continuous improvement of your organization and employees.

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